March 3 2020

ICIS Top-100 Chemical Distributors List: Call for Data Entry

ICIS together with Fecc, NACD, CBA, Associquim and RDC are calling for a Submission of 2019 Company Data by 13. March 2020

ICIS is compiling the Top 100 Chemical Distributors ranking for the 22 May 2020 issue of ICIS Chemical Business – the most popular and comprehensive listing of distributors in the world – as done in previous years.


ICIS is undertaking this global effort with the support of Fecc (European Association of Chemical Distributors), the NACD (National Association of Chemical Distributors), the CBA (Chemical Business Association), Associquim (Brazilian Association of Chemical and Petrochemical Distributors), and RDC (Responsible Distribution Canada).


Distributors are invited to include the requested information as follows.
Please include the geographic breakdowns of sales (please provide actual amounts and not a percentage), as this is important for the regional rankings as well. Note that ICIS will also list those beyond the Top 100, as the list had more than 250 companies last year.


The deadline for responses is Friday 13 March 2020.




Company Name: 




2019 Sales: 


Sales by geography (Please provide actual amounts and NOT as a percentage please)
            North America:            
            Latin America:              
            Middle East & Africa:


Name of President or CEO:  (please specify job title)


Website address: 


Products or product categories: (list up to 15 – for example: caustic soda, paper chemicals, solvents, aromatics, etc.)


Services: (up to 10 – for example: blending, packaging, storage, etc.: )


Assets: (up to 5 – for example: 5 warehouses, 20 trucks, etc.: )


Are your sales primarily from trading activities?   Y/N


What % of sales are from trading versus traditional distribution?:



Source: Fecc website (adapted)


HGE / DCG – 03.03.2020

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