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Biesterfeld to re-organise Plastics Division

Biesterfeld Plastics to operate in five Business Units in the Future

Polymers and speciality chemicals distributor Biesterfeld AG (Hamburg, Germany),  announce that its Polymers Distribution division Biesterfeld Plastics GmbH  (Hamburg, Germany) in the future will have five instead of the previous three globally oriented business units: Advanced Polymers, Engineering Polymers, High Performance Polymers, Performance Elastomers and Sustainable Polymer Solutions. The division will continue to be managed by Carsten Harms, Management Spokesperson for Biesterfeld Plastic and Member of the Executive Board of Biesterfeld AG. 

High Performance Polymers and Performance Elastomers will be headed by Dietmar Zinkand, who was responsible for the original Engineering Polymers business unit prior to the reorganisation. Business Manager for the new Engineering Polymers unit will be Martin Rathke, an internal appointment. Advanced Polymers will be overseen by Wilhelm Postel. The new business unit Sustainable Polymer Solutions will be managed by Martin Umbach, Managing Director of Biesterfeld Plastic and Business Manager for Sustainable Polymer Solutions.

Further staff will be added over time and as the business grows, Biesterfeld said in the announcement. The changes becam effective on 01. January 2021.


Source: Biesterfeld press release

HGE / DCG – 26.01.2021

Kai Froböse appointed new CFO of the Biesterfeld Group

Management Change at Biesterfeld AG following retirement of long-time CFO Christian Wolfsohn 

Polymers and speciality chemicals distributor Biesterfeld AG (Hamburg, Germany),  has appointed Kai Froböse as the new Chief Financial Officer. effective 01. July 2020. He succeeded Christian Wolfsohn, who has retired from Biesterfeld AG at the end of June 2020, after more than 14 years as CFO.


Froböse, who graduated with a degree in business administration, has experience in the logistics, wind power and automotive sector, where he held various management positions in the fields of finance, business development, purchasing and project management. Over more than 15 years, he has accumulated extensive experience in international corporate structures as well as in family-owned companies, according to the statement.


Biesterfeld press release


HGE / DCG – 14.07.2020