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KRAHN Chemie acquires several smaller Distributors and forms KRAHN Nordics AB as new Sub-Holding

German Distributor expands with Add-ons in Sweden, United Kingdom and Spain

Speciality chemicals distributor KRAHN Chemie GmbH (Hamburg, Germany),  has acquired a number of distribution businesses from Swedish holding company Jollis AB (Gothenburg, Sweden) for an undisclosed sum.

At the core of the transaction are AmphoChem AB (Gothenburg, Sweden), a distributor of industrial chemicals, additives and specialty chemicals, and Pemco Additives AB (Gothenburg, Sweden), a distributor of industrial chemicals, additives and specialty chemicals active in the Fuels, Lubricants and Petrochemical industries. The companies have sales activities in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The investment also includes Temper Technology AB (Gothenburg, Sweden), a formulator of sustainable and energy-efficient heat transfer fluids and antifreeze products, Pemco-Trigueros Additives Spain S.L., (Alicante, Spain), a distributor of additives and base oils for use in Fuels and Industrial & Automotive formulations in Spain, and BGM Logistics AB (Gothenburg, Sweden), a provider of logistics solutions for warehousing, third-party logistics and distribution in Sweden.

KRAHN said that “in order to bundle the new activities, a new company, KRAHN Nordics AB, has been established. Chatarina Schneider, co-owner of KRAHN Nordics AB and former Managing Director of the acquired entities, will act as Managing Director of KRAHN Nordics AB.”

The transaction also includes 100% of the shares of Petrico Ltd. (Sandbach, United Kingdom), a legal entity whose previous indirect majority owner was Pemco Additives. It acts as a distributor of petroleum and chemical products, specialized in the Lubricants and Additives industries.

No financial details were disclosed on this transaction.


KRAHN Chemie press release

HGE / DCG – 19.02.2021