July 11 2019

Updated ESIG / SIA Video “Safe Handling of Solvents”

Industry Associations jointly publish updated Video and add further Languages

The European Solvents Industry Group ESIG, a sector group of Cefic (Brussels, Belgium), in collaboration with the U.K.’s Solvents Industry Assocciation SIA (Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire – United Kingdom) has recently updated and re-issued the “Safe Handling of Solvents” safety film. The new version, which also comes in different languages such as English, French, Cerman, Italian and Spanish, is  replacing the version first released in 2006.


When not handled correctly, solvents can present hazards to health, safety and the environment. The video enables users to identify these hazards and to implement best practice to ensure safe handling, ESIG said in the announcement.

The video, which is ca. 10 mins long, can be viewed via the following link: https://youtu.be/HCpskgjS1Gc?list=PL7giwZnP88wWZFjHOaccxEb2-2XE0Nnx9


When the video is needed in another language than English, please visit the ESIG website: https://www.esig.org/resources/videos/


Source: ESIG newsletter


DistriConsult comment: SIA has produced a number of additional videos covering the transport and use of solvents. The full list can be found on the SIA website: https://www.solvents.org.uk/sia-safety-films/


HGE – DCG / 11.07.2019

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